Cutting Edge Digital Marketing for Visionary CorporationsBE PRESENT. EVERYWHERE.

Now you can be everywhere at once. We provide cutting edge, creative digital marketing solutions and engagement strategies for your business. And mindful leadership coaching for enhanced workforce wellbeing.

We Engage

From the chat in the corridors to the comments in the kitchen. From informal conversations to formal feedback. We’ll get to know your company inside out.

We Evaluate

Using our findings, we’ll evaluate the efficiency of your internal communications, current working practices and policies to determine areas for strategic development.

We Adapt

In close collaboration with your team, we’ll help you adapt existing practices, and explore and introduce new strategies to enhance and support employee wellbeing and fulfilment.

Media & Marketing

Digital marketing is all about building a presence. Be present online and you will be found. Our highly experienced consultants will work closely with you to establish and develop a digital marketing strategy that works for your business or product. 

Identifying Your Business Needs

We’ll identify your business needs and pinpoint areas that will support both short-term and long-term growth. We’ll define and determine the specific processes that will yield results for your business: from general business strategy (proposition, branding, the definition of values and product experience) to digital acquisition tactics (SEO, PPC, social media marketing).

Specialist Marketing and Media Consultants

We have a team of experienced marketing experts at our disposal. We’ve also developed an extensive network of consultant partners. This allows us to choose the most talented, and the most relevant, consultants and freelancers to support your business in achieving its goals.

Traffic Generation and Acquisition Partnerships

Our social media and Google marketing (SEO/SEM) expertise will help drive traffic, and increase, retain and convert visitors to your website. We help businesses who don’t have the resources to set up and manage marketing campaigns and budgets. We’ll make sure your business has an online presence that yields results.

Our Goal

We’re happy to admit that once you no longer need us we’ll have achieved our goal. As part of our 12-month plans, we’ll work closely with your organisation and your workforce. We’ll coach, mentor, advise, and support you through all the strategy development and execution until you feel confident that you can manage it all independently. Then we’ll know we’ve achieved our goal.

Marketing Means More

Digital marketing impacts your business in more ways than you can imagine. Our experienced marketing consultants will guide and support you with your digital marketing efforts to ensure sustained growth. We’ll coach and equip you with the tools and strategies to maintain and sustain your own digital marketing. Or, we can do it for you.

SEO - 11 years Experience

Traffic Generation - 13 years Experience

Digital Branding - 15 years Experience

CRM Strategy - 17 years Experience

A Mindful Workplace is a Profitable Workplace.

Your employees are your greatest assets. We’ll help you look after them. They’ll help look after your business.
Mindfulness in Business

Mindfulness in business is an acceptance of responsibility for the wellbeing of your employees and each other. As business leaders, you have it within your power and ability to do something that will positively impact the lives of your employees. Developing a mindful corporate culture increases productivity, efficiency, motivation, and profitability. Enhancing your organisation’s policies and ‘Ways Of Work’ helps you attract and retain the most sought-after talents. Be Present. And your business will thrive.

Our Beliefs

We believe in work environments that support the wellbeing of everyone within an organisation. We believe this leads to significant benefits for both the organisation and its people.

The Mindful Business

We spend a significant part of our life within a corporate or business environment. Mindful businesses recognize this and implement policies and initiatives to support and invest in their employees well-being.

Mentoring Individuals

We run individual mentoring sessions with senior leaders across the various departments within an organisation (Commercial, Marketing, HR, Tech, etc). We guide executives so they can develop a mindful business.

Group Sessions

We offer group consultancy sessions and workshops for HR and Leadership Teams to define and shape their company culture and Way Of Work. Combining business thinking with mindfulness practices and tools results in stronger leadership, faster decision-making, greater productivity, and happier teams.

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